Monday, August 22, 2016

Wave-plates & field lens back in!

Popped in at SALT late in the afternoon, just in time to catch Jono handing the whole wave-plate mechanism to Keith, who was sitting underneath the RSS.

Serving up a wave-plate assembly
With the wave-plates re-installed, the last of the cleaned & re-filled collimator optics, the field lens group, could go back in as well.

The wave-plates fit between the main group & the field lens group of the collimator
Ockert could then check the overall alignment of the optics against the references that were established before the optics were removed.

RSS showing off all its nerves & blood vessels
That completes the RSS optical service part of the shut-down - great stuff guys!  Look forward to seeing the improved throughput of the spectrograph when we get back on-sky :)

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