Friday, August 26, 2016

Sutherland's night sky - horizon to horizon

It's been a hugely productive week up here!  In just over four days, the RSS has gone from having lens groups & various mechanisms scattered about in different rooms - to being back together, aligned & functional.  The hexapod anti-gravity system has also been installed, so that's another major task off the list...  Midst all this, Janus still managed to find time to put together this incredible image of the Milky Way arching overhead on a moonless night.  This panorama consists of 15 individual 30 second frames (tiled 5 x 3) at ISO 6400 to minimise trailing of the stars.  & That is yet another reason why we love this place!!

The Milky Way arches overhead on a dark winter night in the Karoo (click to enlarge) - beautiful job Janus!

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