Sunday, August 21, 2016

A few more of SALT's optics

Before all the action starts up again tomorrow, here's a chance to introduce a couple of the other important optics at SALT...  Here's a glimpse down the SALTICAM lens barrel.

& this beast is the ADC - the atmospheric dispersion compensator that sits just above the SAC, below the payload.  It consists of two large wedge shaped prisms, the separation of which can be changed to correct for the different extents to which the atmosphere bends red vs blue light.

The ADC getting some TLC from Janus
This is the moving baffle that lives above the ADC & blocks out stray light that's not followed the telescope's optical path.  The green reflections are due to the coatings on each of the prism surfaces. 

The carbon fibre moving baffle on top of the ADC housing

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