Monday, August 1, 2016

SALT Engineering Shut-Down

We wish to remind all PI's with currently running 2016-1 programs that there will be a scheduled SALT shut-down period from August 1, for up to five weeks.  The major engineering tasks during this time include servicing the RSS, installing components associated with the tracker upgrade project, the cleaning of various optics and work on the tracker payload.  No observations will be possible during this time as the telescope will be completely offline.  The first week or two after these tasks have been completed will involve the recommissioning of the telescope and instruments, although science observations will be attempted on a best-efforts basis.  We look forward to getting back on-sky with better throughput in September, when the Sutherland weather will hopefully have improved as well!  Daily updates will be posted on the blog during the course of the shut-down so watch this space...

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