Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A new telescope in the family!

While Ant waits for various RSS mechanisms to become operational again & thus testable with the software, he's getting plenty of drawing/painting done!  Here's another view of the plateau, looking towards the south this time.  

Another angle on the plateau
The middle dome in that scene is the site of much excitement & activity as the SAAO's beautiful new 1-m telescope was installed in there earlier this month.  

The installation began on 2 August
Hannah's quiet but absolutely heroic efforts in leading this project, along with the dedicated APM Telescopes team + great support from numerous SAAO staff has made this wonderful new facility a reality.

The telescope was engineering-operable within 2 days!
The weather played along & First Light was achieved on Thursday 4 August.  An enthusiastic crowd visited the dome the next night & delighted in seeing NuBlu in action!

NuBlu begins exploring the southern sky
Saturn through the eyepiece was truly spectacular - thanks in no small part to the corrector optics that Darragh designed for the telescope...  Well Done to the whole team & thank you for sharing the excitement with the rest of us :)

A cellphone pic of Saturn through the eyepiece!
We wish you the best of luck with the extensive list of commissioning tasks that lie ahead!

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