Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The HRS thermal enclousure

A thermal enclosure to house the HRS has been built inside the spectrometer room.

Tape on the floor marks where the various components of the instrument will go.

If only optical benches were as simple as this!

A hole cut in the roof of the thermal enclosure will allow the fibres to enter this room to reach the instrument.

There's also an outer room adjacent to the one that the vacuum tank will go in.  This is where the cryo-coolers for the two cameras, the vacuum pump for the tank, all of the electronics for the instrument & the cleanroom clothes will be kept.


Tech Ops has installed power, glycol, air-handling & network infrastructure for the two rooms.

The air-conditioning system was installed last week, but it was too cold in Sutherland to be able to test its cooling capability!

To put all this in perspective, here's a look at the weather conditions at SALT this afternoon.  The outside temperature was below 3C, the wind was about 75 km/h, the humidity was nearly 99%, the pressure was dropping & I escaped just before the snow started - welcome to winter in Sutherland!

Fortunately the HRS enclosure will be kept at a constant 20C so it will be one of the better places to be confined to up here during the latter stages of winter ;)

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