Friday, July 26, 2013

Some Sutherland Scenes

For those that don't get to spend enough time in this rather unusual place - a few scenes captured during the past week...

Vic & Annie's garden service in action, note the guy in the middle working on the cactus!
SA of the week, Brent, has been spreading the faith about Red Espresso...
It's great stuff, but there can be some quite alarming glitches in the preparation process!
The SALT control room after dark...
The Green Amanda with her custom-made cable-wrangling tool for the payload.

Eben in his workshop, working on his latest awesome creation.
Ever wish you could bake fresh bread while out in the middle of nowhere?  Well, speak to Eben about one of these... :)
Why one should Never drive out of Sutherland without your 300 mm lens on!  Ended up missing the close-up shot of this juvenile Martial Eagle that was cruising around near the first Ceres turn-off.
Not much further along - an adult Martial Eagle!
A Pale Chanting Goshawk fleeing the paparazzi...
The Black Eagle nest on the cliff about 30 km from Matjiesfontein is in use again this year!  Spot the parent sitting on the huge nest to the left of centre in this pic.
Karoo rainbow...
Winter in the Hex River Valley.
Snow coming down on the Hex River Mountains.

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