Thursday, July 4, 2013

Night Log 2013-07-03

SA: Tim
SO: Fred
Others: carl, blaise


had a small hope of getting something at the start and the seeing during twilight was 1". however, the humidity spiked very quickly after 19:00 and we were socked in with thick ridge cloud soon after that. night remained wet, windy, and cold with forecast for the same tomorrow. took several sets of FP rings to investigate calibratiob stability. parallelism appears to be MUCH more sensitive to wavelength than i've ever seen it before. for example, the 6678 ring would look completely fine, but 6717 obviously not. it had always been the case that if one was good, so was the other. using the same order and X/Y settings for both lines. the 6507 and 6532 lines also looked funny.

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