Thursday, July 25, 2013

The HRS leaves Durham!!

These great pics courtesy of David Bramall & the team at the CfAI to mark the historic day - 24 July 2013 - when the HRS left Durham!

We were politely requested to keep any "Wow - it looks just like a giant turkey getting ready for the oven!" comments to ourselves...

This cosy container will be Home On The Sea for all the instrument's not-too-delicate bits for the next few weeks.

Time for a short walk in the English sunshine...

Before crawling in & settling down for the long trek south!

All the optics + other fragile stuff will fly down in a few weeks & join these bits in Cape Town, then the whole lot will be delivered to Sutherland.  We can start counting sleeps now :)  39-ish...

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  1. I know everyone else knows that HRS stands for High Resolution Spectrograph ... But I had to look it up!
    This is a splendid blog, by the way - I've just found my way here after following a trail about the recent work on quasars.