Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Coming soon to a telescope near us!!

We have much to look forward to over the coming months as the "laat lammetjie"* of SALT's First Generation instruments - the HRS - will be hopping on a ship in less than a week to begin making its way to its new home!

The pre-ship acceptance testing took place at the Centre for Advanced Instrumentation in Durham in early June, affording us the chance to explore this amazing beast inside & out.  Though not before donning thoroughly comprehensive clean-suits & doing some polite begging to get my "unclean" camera allowed into the clean-room...

Thanks Janus for this shot of Field Agent Blogger in action inside the tank!

Fantastic to get to check out the spectacularly beautiful optics housed within the instrument's 4-m long vacuum tank!  I'll bore you with the details when all the bits arrive & get re-assembled in September, but in the meantime: here are some photos to pique your interest :)

* "laat lammetjie" is Afrikaans for a "late lamb", an expression used to describe a child that arrives on the scene many years after its siblings...

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