Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Night Log 2014-04-28

SA: Lisa
SO: Veronica
Others: Eddy, Janus, Luke


Another Fantastic dark, clear night! Just enough cirrus to yield great seeing, we had sub-arcsec images on the HRS guider for several hours :)

Data taken for various HRS proposals for next semester:
* 2014-1-UKSC-005, P2 & P3: fundamental properties of peculiar hot subdwarfs
* 2014-1-UKSC-002, P2, 2xP3: rapid oscillations in chemically peculiar stars
* 2014-1-HET_UC-001, P1: data to confirm the presence of an Earth-mass planet around our nearest stellar neighbour
* 2014-1-RSA_OTH-017, P2: stellar & wind parameters of OB donor stars in high mass X-ray binaries
* 2014-1-POL_RSA_AMNH-001, P1: searching for lithium in symbiotic giants with massive white dwarf companions
* 2014-1-UNC-002, P1: gaseous disks around white dwarf stars

Finished up with sky flats & now need sunglasses as we head down for breakfast!

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