Saturday, April 12, 2014

Night Log 2014-04-11

SA: Hannah
SO: Thea
Others: Janus, Steve C, Lisa, Luke


Twelve spectroscopic observations on a bright night that started out cloudy. Observer got her MOS wings - MOS acquisition time down to 15 minutes. :)

2013-2-RSA_OTH_UKSC-003 (Mass transfer in Be X-ray binaries) P4
2013-2-AMNH-002 (Scavenging in the Deep End) P4
2013-2-RSA_POL-001 (In search of missing Galactic symbiotic stars) P4
2013-2-RSA_OTH-003 (Confirming the LBV status of spectroscopically selected candidate LBV stars) P2
2013-2-IUCAA_UW-001 (Investigating FeLoBAL/LoBAL Variability Constraints from Multi Year Monitoring) P3
2013-2-UC-002 (Abundance studies of evolved stars of globular clusters using Multi-Object Spectroscopy) P2
2013-2-RU-004 (Investigating the H alpha Emission of a Bow Shock in SN1006) P2

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