Monday, April 28, 2014

Night Log 2014-04-27

SA: Alexei
SO: Veronica
Others: Lisa, Luke


A really beautiful, clear, dark photometric night with good seeing. RSS is still out of action so it was HRS all the way! :)

Data obtained for a few remaining HRS SV proposals:
* 2013-2-HET-006: exoplanet transit study
* 2013-2-UC-003: giant branch star in a globular cluster
* 2013-2-UKSC-013: a bright "veiled" G0V binary system
* 2013-2-UW-006: studying emission lines in a quiescent nova

& then various HRS targets for the new semester:
* 2014-1-UKSC-005, P2 & P3: fundamental properties of peculiar hot subdwarfs
* 2014-1-HET_UKSC_OTH-001, P3: precision elements for the hydrogen-deficient binary DY Cen
* 2014-1-UKSC-001, P1: characterising rapidly varying A-type stars
* 2014-1-UW-005, P3: accretion dynamics in pre-main sequence binaries

& assorted calibrations for all modes
* radial velocity standards
* sky flats

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