Sunday, April 6, 2014

Night Log 2014-04-05

SA: �ric
SO: Veronica
Others: Lisa


Clear night, with no trace of clouds. The seeing was not so good (peaks at 4.5 have been seen) until the wind started to blow from the East. The humidity went spectacularly down, and the seeing improved dramatically.
We observed the following projects:

2013-2-POL-003 : spectroscopic study of an asteroid
2013-2-UNC-RSA-RU-001 : spectroscopic study of low surface brightness galaxies
2013-2-RSA-003 : observations of a binary system over a long period of time, in order to monitor how it evolves when the objects are at the closest
2013-2-RSA-004 : Spectroscopic study of Galaxies in interactions.
2013-2-RSA-OTH-UKSC-003 : Observations of X-Ray binaries.
2013-2-AMNH-002 : Observation of M dwarfs
2013-2-RSA-OTH-003 : Observation of some of the most luminous stars known : the Luminous Blue Variable. They may end-up in supernovae.
2013-2HET-004 : Another program dedicated to the study of M dwarfs stars.

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