Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Sutherland Community Development Centre

Last night we attended the unofficial opening of the Sutherland Community Development Centre in town.  There will be a formal version of this event with dignitaries & all the rest at a later stage, but this was a very special evening to be in Sutherland :)

The centre includes 26 computers (connected to the internet) which may be used by anyone in town.  It's also a venue for school children to gather to do their homework & there will be a play area for smaller kids.

The machines are thin clients running EduBuntu Open Source Software.

& the place has a pretty zippy internet connection!

One of the coolest features of the place is its custom-made burglar bars!  Designed by a local artist & built by SALT's own Johan Hendricks :)

An expectant local crowd assembled...

First there were a few speeches, including a welcome from Karel & the Dominee.

& then some inspiring words from local hero Anthony.

William Menzies & Jan de Wee were introduced as the volunteers that will be responsible for the daily running of the centre.

But soon it was time to put people behind the computers & get going!

Brave new ground for many of them :)

Class in session: setting up Gmail accounts for everyone!

There was plenty of help at hand for all who needed it.

Then the newbies got signed up for Facebook accounts...

While the seasoned Facebookers did whatever they need to do.

+ exploring the wide world of the web.

All about sharing & learning, together!

Exciting times for all, but the future here is already looking brighter for the little ones...

Gorgeous Labrador cross Shar Pei puppies included ;)

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