Thursday, March 1, 2012

Review of 2012-1 Proposals

Over 147 proposals were submitted for the recently closed call for the first semester of 2012 .  The first one in was by SALT Astronomer Alexei Kniazev and the last one in was by SALT Board President Ted Williams from Rutgers University.   A total of 1588 hours were requested from 950 available hours.  Over 102 different Principle Investigators submitted proposals from 33 different institutes, including 7 different South African institutes. 

There were 134 proposals requesting RSS observations and 22 requesting SALTICAM 
observations.  Over 167 different RSS configurations were requested:  2 Imaging, 8 Fabry-Perot, 
23 Multi-Object Spectroscopy, and 134 long slit configurations.    In these proposals, a wide range of
different objects are targeted including  568 different galaxies, 524 stars, 27 comets,  54 planetary 
nebula, 18 emission line nebula, 16 clusters of galaxies, and 7 objects of unknown nature. 

The proposals are currently under technical review by the SALT staff.   They will then move to the 
telescope allocation committees at each partner for scientific review.   The allocations of times 
should be announced around the 1st of April with the next semester starting on 1st May.    

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