Thursday, March 29, 2012

Night Log 2012-03-28

SA: Tim
SO: Patrick
Others: dave b, deatrick, keith


what looked to be very iffy weather during the day and into the evening ended up clearing and resulting in a good night. closed for about an hour by humidity which yoyo-ed a bit, but then dried up significantly after midnight. seeing very good at times (< 1") and 1.5" or better most of the night. lost about another hour to a some minor technical niggles and a salticam filter snafu.

got data for the following programs:

2011-3-UW-008 (fabry-perot)
2011-3-RSA_OTH-025 (frame transfer spectra)
2011-3-RSA_RU_UC_UKSC_OTH-001 (needs better finder charts)
2011-3-GU-002 (long-slit)
2011-3-POL-001 (long-slit)
2011-3-RSA_OTH-016 (salticam frame transfer)
2011-3-RSA_UKSC_HET_OTH-001 (salticam slot mode)
2011-3-RSA_RU_IUCAA-001 (fabry-perot)

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