Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Night Log 2012-03-26

SA: David
SO: Siphelo


Terrible looking weather in late p.m. but clearing up at sunset. But then clouds came and went all night - very frustrating!

Despite that, did manage to do some science programs:
1. 2011-3-UNC_RSA-002; Moffet
2. 2011-3-UK_OTH-001; Badger
3. 2011-3-RSA_OTH-015; Gilbank (MOS)
4. 2011-3-GU-002; Kollatchny

Then it all went rather pear shaped with the weather, so did some parfocality tests, tried to look at ToO target (2011-3-RSA_UKSC_HET_OTH-001; Maccarone), but only junk through clouds,

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