Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spectroscopy of T Pyx

Highlighting the quick time response of SALT observations, the first spectroscopy obtained for the re-commissioning of RSS is for a target of opportunity source! On 14 April 2011, T Pyx was observed by undergoing its first outburst in over 45 years by Michael Linnolt. Tim and the gang at Sutherland were able to get some spectroscopy with the newly refurbished RSS, and we've run the data through the pipeline and produced data with basic reductions and initial wavelength calibration. Below are two of the spectra for the source with one spectra in the Na D region and the other centered on H-alpha. The H-alpha spectra shows the full RSS spectrum while the other spectrum has been zoomed in to show the Na D region.

Data are currently available for anyone interested from the SALT consortium.

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