Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nightlog 2011-04-29

SA: Amanda
SO: Patrick
Others: Petri, Ken, Eric, Anthony, Jonathan, Charl


- Humidity spiked ~1.5 hours after sunset and we were closed the rest
of the night. Observed a standard star and did some engineering work.



  1. one would think y'all would have a pic of this guy. and supposedly only us in the southern hemisphere can see it, i think y'all better contact the sydney stargazers, they freaking out.

    also watch this:

    and lemme know! this could be sweeeet!

  2. go see here urgently also.

  3. I am the creator of the sydneystargazers blog. I thought it was time to mention that our view of Elenin is that it is nothing more than a comet which is getting a lot of attentions from conspiracy websites. In note to what Gunther said above, we are not freaking out as we do not believe it is of any danger to this planet. We do however have visitors to our blog who make comments about Elenin but those comments are not our views. We will document Elenin to show that it is nothing but a comet.