Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nightlog 2011-04-12

SA: Paul
SO: Patrick
Others: Janus, Tim, Lisa


- Interesting night! Cloudy at the beginning of the night. It cleared for an
hour during which we had sub arcsec seeing. We obtained some more good seeing
images with SALTICAM and the RSS, a few of which were sub-arcsec! High humidity
and a low internal dew point delta forced us to close.

- Did a focus run of the slit with SALTICAM at the beginning of the evening. We
could not get the slit in best focus at a SALTICAM focus of 5, but we were
close. Higher values worsened the slit mask focus.

- Ken made some stray light observations at the beginning of the evening.

- With the SALTICAM focus at 11000 we did not have a large telescope focus
offset between SALTICAM and the RSS.


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