Sunday, March 20, 2011

SALTICAM returns!

Sutherland's been getting Huge amounts of rain over the past couple of months & it's occasionally led to some flooding.  A spectacular waterfall appeared behind Valhalla (Vic & Annie's home) back in February.

That & subsequent deluges have led to the place being temporarily renamed Mudvalla.  No sooner had the green stuff been cleaned out of the pool & put up in the trees, when the mud came rushing in...

Not enough to cramp the style of the natives though - boys will be boys!

We even got some archery lessons thrown in, thanks Keith!

Meanwhile, up at the hostel, Anthony took a break from writing software for automating his PCON software ATP.  He set up his camera on a tripod to stake-out the home of a very cute little rodent & then with a long-distance remote trigger was able to nail these Fantastic shots of the little guy :)

Later, Darragh, Dave C, Denys & Amanda arrived from Cape Town with SALTICAM & dozens of other boxes, bits & pieces, including the Atmospheric Dispersion Compensator (ADC).  Welcome back SCAM!

Everything was unloaded into the spectrometer room, ready to be unpacked & assembled tomorrow...

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