Thursday, March 17, 2011

Regarding Henry

Things are really ramping up at SALT & there's much to report so the "commissioning blogger" is settling in for a few weeks.  The trip up included an encounter with a magnificent young martial eagle just outside Matjiesfontein, about the best omen one could wish for!  Then, closer to Sutherland - a black-breasted snake eagle put in an appearance as well :)

My traveling companion for the day was Henry - a stowaway scorpion that had successfully made it down to Cape Town in Hamish's luggage a few weeks ago.  Apart from the protestations of the rest of the Whittal family, Henry had a good time over there (enjoying 24-hour IT support & being fed juicy green bugs regularly), however - it was time for him to go back home...

First though, he needed to be re-integrated into the Sutherland social scene so it was off to Perlman's for a couple of drinks.  Somehow he missed his ride back up the hill so was forced to spend the night with Vic & hence only made it back here in time for the glycol party the next afternoon.  Anyway, after a beer & some champagne, it was time to go.  Henry was most excited about his new home & we all (other than Adelaide!) wish him well :)

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