Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Acquainting Tech Ops with SALTICAM

The typical 8am scene in the SALT control room - the morning meeting.

There was some extra excitement today as Darragh presented Chris & the team with the Glycol Floating Trophy, for their efforts in upgrading the glycol system.  Grant's great idea & Denville's wonderful execution to produce the masterpiece!

It soon joined the other illustrious trophies up on top of the fridge.

With SALTICAM installed in the rotating structure, it was time for Dave & Darragh to give Tech Ops the grand tour.

& to pass on as much background info & hard-won experience as possible...

Then some SALTICAM filter admin was needed to sort out filters names & bar codes within the SCAM software.

The filter mechanism was also tested & found to perform well.

With that, it was back to the optical alignment effort, with all its associated tricks & frustrations.

Over on RSS, Ant continued working on the software while Janus & co installed the auto-guider.  The mods made after the initial trial-fit seem to have solved all the interference issues so that's considered done.  The little pick-off for the guide probe can be seen near the 6 o'clock position.

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