Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summary Night Report 20100721

Nightlog 2010-07-21

SA: Amanda
SO: Fred
Others: Tim, Siphelo, Zolisa, Deon, Morgan, Chris, IQ team, Nic, Ted,


* Took more StarCam data to investigate polar misalignment. A new
plot is posted on the blog that shows the results from last night.

* Ran six tracks as though we were undertaking normal
observing. Three tracks ended abnormally, all with fatal following

* Hitesh ran SAMS tests. Conditions were beautiful, so hopefully he
got alot of good data!

Conditions evening midnight morning
Weather: clear clear clear
Wind Dir 10m (speed; km/h): 0 (20.5) 338(30.7) 329(36.2)
Seeing(FWHM SALT images): -
Photometric: yes yes yes
RH(%): 19.0 23.1 27.5
T-Dp (ext.): 22.9 20.0 17.6

Sunset-rise (SAST): 17:56 - 07:22
Moon rise-set (SAST; phase): 13:42-04:44 (85%)

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