Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summary Night Report 20100720

Nightlog 2010-07-20

SA: Amanda
SO: Fred
Others: Siphelo, Zolisa, Deon, Morgan, Ockert, Charl, Chris, Laure,
IQ team, Nic, Ted, Hitesh

* Took some data on mirror alignment degradation at beginning of night
(with goal of investigating how much alignment degrades as
environmental conditions change). Hitesh took SAMS data later.

* Got alot of data with the StarCam to characterize polar
misalignment. Tim's initial results show a strong sinusoidal
variation in the azimuth and elevation of the actual pointings with
respect to the telescope positions. (see plot in blog)

Conditions evening midnight morning
Weather: clear clear clear
Wind Dir 10m (speed; km/h): 102(14.9) 81(11.9) 26(20.9)
Seeing(MASS/DIMM): -
Photometric: yes yes yes
RH(%): 24.3 26.6 27.4
T-Dp (ext.): 19.5 18.0 17.6

Sun set-rise (SAST): 17:56 - 07:22
Moon rise-set (SAST; phase): 12:51-03:46 (68%)

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