Friday, July 23, 2010

Night Report 2010-07-22

SA: Amanda
Fred, Zolisa, Siphelo
Tim, Charl, Ockert, Deon, Chris, Morgan, Laure


*Took more StarCam data to characterize polar misalignment.
This went mostly smoothly, with two structure position losses.

*Winds were too high to take SAMS data.

*Fred's last official night as an SO! Thanks for all of your hard
work and best of luck.


evening midnight morning
Weather: clear clear clear
Wind Dir 10m (speed; km/h): 327(50.9) 303(57.8) 285(53.5)
Seeing(FWHM SALT images): -
Photometric: no no no
RH(%): 22.7 38.6 40.7
Temp (2m): 12.1 8.4 8.2
T-Dp (ext.): 20.7 13.3 12.6

Sunset-rise (SAST): 17:57-07:21
Moon rise-set (SAST; phase): 14:33-05:37 (92%)

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