Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Night Log 2016-09-13

SA: Rosalind
SO: Thea
Others: Ted, Graham Smith, Lisa. Jan, Lenka for a telescope tour at start of night.


Started out clear, but rising humidity forced us to close around midnight again. Some technical problems at the start of the night with very out of focus images that Tech Ops came up to sort out (thanks!).

Data taken for:

2016-1-MLT-001 P3 RSS (x3) (Kinematics of Bulge Miras)
2016-1-MLT-003 P4 RSS (x3) (Spectroscopic observations of bright RR Lyrae variables)
2016-1-SCI-006 P4 HRS (Probing winds from the center of the Milky Way (@astrocrawford))

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