Monday, September 12, 2016

Night Log 2016-09-11

SA: Marissa
SO: Thea
Others: Enrico


A beautiful photometric night with variable seeing. It was put to productive use, doing mostly very high priority science until high humidity forced us to close 2 hours before the end of the night. Used the closed dome time for weekly calibrations.

Data taken for:

2016-1-MLT-007 P0 RSS (Observations of supernovae, near and far.)
2016-1-MLT-010 P0 RSS (x2) (Follow up observations of transient sources)
2016-1-SCI-002 P1 HRS (x2) (High resolution spectroscopic abundance measurements of RGBs in NGC 6681, NGC 6584 and NGC 7099)
2016-1-SCI-032 P1 HRS (Evolved binaries in the Magellanic Clouds)
2016-1-SCI-022 P3 RSS (Searching for high redshift quasars for the MeerKAT Absorption Line Survey (MALS))
2016-1-MLT-003 P4 RSS (Spectroscopic observations of bright RR Lyrae variables)
2016-1-SCI-044 P4 RSS (Search for symbiotic stars in a dwarf galaxy NGC6822.)

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