Monday, April 13, 2015

Night Log 2015-04-12

SA: Brent
SO: Veronica


A productive clear night with excellent seeing for the entire night.

Data taken for:

2014-1-MLT-001 P0 RSS (x2) (Observations of supernovae, near and far.)
2014-2-SCI-020 P1 RSS (HRS observations of planetary nebulae and spectra of dwarf tidal galaxies.)
2014-2-SCI-040 P1 RSS (Superwinds in luminous starburst galaxies)
2014-1-MLT-002 P2 RSS (Determining the fraction of Luminous Red Galaxies in merging pairs)
2014-2-SCI-060 P3 RSS (Searching for binaries in unusual central stars of planetary nebulae)
2014-2-SCI-066 P3 RSS (x2) (Finding the redshift and ionization of WISE-selected QSOs)
2014-2-SCI-038 P3 RSS (Identifying and characterising the optical counterparts of CHANDRA point sources)
2014-1-MLT-007 P4 RSS (Long term monitoring of circumstellar disk in Be X-ray binaries)

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