Monday, August 25, 2014

Night Log 2014-08-24

SA: Alexei
SO: Thea


=> Stable night with good seeing.

=> Data were taken for the programs:
2014-1-RSA_OTH-003 P1 RSS (Investigating the activity in the not-red-and-dead brightest cluster galaxies)
2014-1-AMNH-003 P1 SCAM (Studying the long-term behavior of classical novae after their eruptions)
2014-1-UW-001 P1 RSS (Measuring the metal content of GRB host galaxies)
2014-1-IUCAA_UW-001 P1 RSS (Probing the absorption line variability in quasar outflows)
2014-1-RSA_OTH-004 P2 RSS (Measuring dark matter in clusters using the brightest cluster galaxies)
2014-1-RSA-005 P2 RSS (Determining the fraction of Luminous Red Galaxies in merging pairs)
2014-1-RSA-007 P2 RSS (Study the evolution of the Local Group Irregular galaxy.)
2014-1-RU_RSA-002 P2 RSS (Spectroscopy of ACT mm-band selected sources and clusters)
2014-1-RSA_POL-001 P3 RSS (Searching the galaxy for new symbiotic stars)

=> Some spectral data for throughput tests were taken

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