Monday, August 25, 2014

Blue Spectroscopy of V1369 Cen

As part of multi-observatory observations of V1369 Cen, Patrick Woudt obtained a High Resolution Spectrograph observations of V1369 Cen under 2014-1-DDT-002.    The HRS observations covered data down to 370 nm and Neon lines in the blue showed similar profiles to lines observed in the far-UV by the Hubble Space Telescope.    The data was processed with the new, but still experimental, HRS data reduction pipeline--stay tuned for more information about that.   The telegram marks some of the first data presented for HRS observations.

Click here for the full Astronomer's Telegram.

Example of the preliminary HRS data reductions for  V1369 Cen.   This presents a normalized spectrum for the object with the different orders from HRS stitched together.  This is only a portion of the data available from HRS, but an example of some of the observations.

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