Thursday, May 15, 2014

Night Log 2014-05-14

SA: Encarni
SO: Veronica
Others: Deneys


Slightly cloudy, full Moon night with OK seeing.

Science data for:
2014-1-RSA_OTH_UKSC-001 (P3) x5 - mass transfer in x-ray binaries
2014-1-IUCAA-002 (P3) x2 - studying a white dwarf binary system
2014-1-IUCAA-003 (P3) - flaring in a heavyweight neutron star
2014-1-RSA_POL-001 (P2) x3 - hunting for long-period interacting binary stars
2014-1-RSA-009 (P4) - determining rotational velocities of stars
2014-1-UKSC_OTH-001 (P3) - looking for planet indicators
2014-1-IUCAA_RSA_OTH-001 (P3) - star formation history of galaxies

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