Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Night Log 2014-05-12

SA: Petri
SO: Thea


An excellent stable clear night with superb sub-arcsec seeing all along. And without a hitch. Unfortunately bright moon so couldn't go for the deep stuff... Full science night with data for:
2014-1-IUCAA-002 (x3) (variability in a future supernova)
2014-1-IUCAA-003 (flares in the eccentric heavyweight neutron star)
2014-1-UKSC_OTH-001 (x2) (enshrouding gas in host stars of close-in exoplanets)
2014-1-RSA-003 (x5) (studying the coolest brown dwarfs)
2014-1-RU-004 (following-up a peculiar supernova)
2014-1-DC-001 (white dwarf)
2014-1-RSA_POL-001 (searching the Galaxy for symbiotic stars)

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