Saturday, March 22, 2014

Night Log 2014-03-21

SA: Petri
SO: Veronica
Others: Eric, Timmy


A great stable night again, some cirrus at times, but mostly clear.
Seeing was also stable and good this time. Lost some time to tech.issues
in the beginning, but smooth sailing afterwards with data for:
2013-2-IUCAA_UKSC_RSA : monitoring program aimed at understanding X-Ray binary systems.
2013-2-AMNH : Observations to discover new dwarf stars.
2013-2-RSA_DC_OTH : A monitoring program that aims at measuring the mass of a black hole.
2013-2-RU : Spectroscopic study of a supernova produced by a white dwarf.
2013-2-RSA_OTH : Observations of a group of galaxies located behind our own Galaxy.
2013-2-UW : Study of the redshifts in a group of galaxies x5
2013-2-DC : Observation of a special kind of quasars : they are obscured by clouds.

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