Saturday, March 15, 2014

Night Log 2014-03-14

SA: Lisa
SO: Thea
Others: John B


A Beautiful photometric night, data taken for:

2013-2-RU-001 (supernova follow-up), P0
2013-2-RSA_OTH-003 (spectroscopic confirmation of candidate luminous blue variables), P2 x2
2013-2-HET-004 (searching for low mass stars in a sparse open cluster), P3 x2
2013-2-RSA-005 (radial velocity monitoring of Wolf-Rayet nuclei of planetary nebulae), P3
2013-2-RSA_POL-001 (searching for Galactic symbiotic stars), P4
2013-2-AMNH-002 (candidate young stellar object), P4

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