Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Night Log 2011-07-11

SA: Tim
SO: Zolisa
Others: Brent M, Keith


struggled against cirrus all night, but got some work done. the big achievement was getting a real MOS alignment done and then successfully taking data with that alignment for almost 2 hours. the data looks ok to my eye, but it would be good for other to go through it as well. now that the procedure is known and tested, the extra setup required for MOS shouldn't require too much extra time. it would be even quicker if there were macros to set RSS up for the MOS imaging.

after doing the MOS work we got data for albrow (NGC 5927 and 47 Tuc), Barway (NGC 7252), and block 6040 for eckert. also got some more calibration arcs and flats.

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