Sunday, July 10, 2011

Night Log 2011-07-09

SA: Tim
SO: Zolisa
Others: Keith, Brent M


a productive, if not entirely smooth, night with good weather, but mediocre seeing. achieved a MOS alignment and acquired MOS spectra which is a milestone. the process needs much refinement, but it's definitely doable now.

acquired the following science data:

NGC 6835 for Tekola (2011-2-RSA_OTH-002)
IGR J15529-5029 for McBride (2010-1-UKSC_OTH-001)
J161132-512906 for Kniazev (2010-1-RSA_OTH-001)
ALS 3713 for Ulusoy (2011-2-RSA_POL-001)
PN G006.0+05.6 for Szczerba (2010-1-POL-006)
BPS CS 22938-0044 for Jeffery (2010-1-RSA_UKSC_GU-001)
PSN 2011 07 09.131 for Fesen (2010-1-DC-002)

the last observation was of a supernova in NGC 782 that was discovered yesterday by South Africa's famous amateur supernova and GRB hunter, Berto Monard!

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