Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Science with SALT Workshop

With the 29th SALT board occurring this week at beautiful Armagh Observatory this week, a planned 'Science with SALT' workshop was included in the meetings agenda. Today, members of the commissioning teams along with other SALT partners are presenting science results from the newly re-commissioned SALT.

Here's todays Agenda with links to the talks as they become available:

1. Introduction (David Buckley )
  • Overview of telescope performance
  • Status of telescope commissioning
2. SALTICAM (Darragh O'Donoghue)
  • Slotmode photometry examples
  • Photometry examples
  • Deep imaging examples
3. RSS (Ken Nordsieck)
  • Performance of RSS against FPRD
  • Longslit spectroscopy examples
  • MOS examples
  • F-P examples (Ted Williams)
4. T Pyx (Mike Shara)
5. Future Large/Key/Joint Science Programs (all)
6. Partner Science Reports (all)
7. Pipeline Reductions (Steve Crawford)
8. PIPT tools (Christian Hettlage)

I'll try to add some updates during the meeting and add the talks as they are uploaded.

Updated: PDFs for all of the talks have been added.

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