Wednesday, May 11, 2011

At long last, an all-sky camera....

After years of woe and frustration trying to get our CONCAM all-sky imaging system to work satisfactorily without much success we finally said "enough!" and purchased a replacement. The new camera is an SBIG AllSky-340 which comes fully integrated into a weather-tight enclosure and includes all the software required for automated operation. Unfortunately, that software proved to be buggy and doesn't get along well with Windows 7. The software for talking directly to the camera does work fine, however, we were able to acquire images manually.

Here is an example of a 120-second exposure from the camera's temporary home in the ox wagon.  The MASS-DIMM telescope is to the right, the MONET building in the upper right, and the roof of the ox wagon is covering the left third of the image.  


  1. Cool! Should make cloud spotting easier...

  2. Does this all sky camera have an in-built storage to store images for a period of time?