Thursday, September 16, 2010

SALT data storage

As part of some work to determine the data storage requirements of SALT, I went through all of the old observations and calculated the amount of data that has been observed. I've compiled the average daily rate of raw data per open night of observing along with the total amount of raw data per year of SALT operations.

For 2006, SALT was operating near maximum efficiency and produced nearly 400 GB that year. During 2006, both SALTICAM and RSS were operating on the telescope, and below, I have the break down of how much data each instrument were producing. Once again, the table has the daily rate of raw data per open night and the total amount of data, but it also has the maximum amount of data taken during one night of observing for that instrument. In 2009, we also had a guest instrument, BVIT, that was producing a large amount of data even during the short time it was available at SALT!

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