Monday, September 13, 2010

Nightlog 2010-09-12

SA: David
SO: Fred, Siphelo, Zolisa (TimDIMM)
Others: Nobody


Clear, wind W (24 kph), low RH (14%), moderate seeing (TimDIMM 1.7",
typically 0.3" higher than reported by 1.9-m, which is probably expected
due to being at ground level). Conditions very stable all night.

Pretty successful night in terms of telescope performance,
notwithstanding issues at the end with interferometer/tracker datasocket
comms. error and BMS deciding to close the louvres.

Got through many targets spread in azimuth and results essentially the
same: no field dependencies seen. Did find that tweaking phi offset to a
higher value than nominal (i.e. up to 50" or 60") was required to
balance pupil illum. All tracks at variety of Decs and azimuths all
finished successfully, within few mins of predictions. Pointing seems to
be consistently in Apogee "tile #2" field, i.e. consistently in upper
middle part of CCD (i.e. mostly offset in altitude).

Tried some long tracks to see how IQ held: essentially kept consistent
values all through the tracks (at various azimuths). Image FWMHs varied
from 1.5-2" throughout night, which was consistent with DIMM.


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  1. Fantastic! Sounds like you've pretty much got a working telescope!!! Now lets see how the data transfer and reduction pipelines hold up ;-)