Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summary Night Report 20100603

Report for night 2010-06-03

SA: Petri
SO: Freddie

TESTING. The second "night" of the new SALT season.

Notes and messages

Bit of shutter work during the afternoon.


No new issues identified, here is a cumulative issues list
to work on and to keep an eye on during next week -

- Louvres.
- Cable wrap at N structure movements.
- External humidity warning.
- a few temp measures, see log 20106002.

- Dome shutter should be ok, but keep monitoring.

Working ok so far:

- EDS, ELS, CCAS shutter, CCAS fan, AC, FF-fan, dome movement,
structure movement other than extreme N.

Tracker will be tested next week.

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