Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summary Night Report 20100602

Report for night 2010-06-02

SA: Petri
SO: Freddie
Others: Eben helping.

TESTING. The first "night" of the new SALT season.

Notes and messages


Tested ok with first try:

- CCAS shutter
- CCAS fan
- dome movement

Tested ok, but not first time:

- false-floor fan (isolator)
- air-conditioning (reboot of BMS)
- ELS (had to restart)

Issues or failures:

- Structure movement:
ok otherwise, but cable wrap problem every time at North.

- Dome shutter:
proximity limit switch appears not working well, could eventually
open/close, but system does not know it's open.

- Louvres:
will open only to 20% in 'automatic'. Deon to check next week.
when in 'manual' all is fine, can open to 100%.

- External humidity warning came on repeatedly for no reason.

- ELS appears fine otherwise, but the Alarm section is empty, still
under construction?? it says "control could not be loaded"

- several isolated wrong temperature measures, see end of log.

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