Sunday, August 27, 2017

Night Log 2017-08-26

SA: Rudi
SO: Fred


The night started out pretty good, but the conditions worsened towards the end with very bad seeing conditions just before closing time.

Data taken for:

2017-1-SCI-005 P0 RSS (Classification of possible supernovae)
2017-1-MLT-009 P1 RSS (Identify the optical counterpart of a mysterious X-ray source)
2015-2-MLT-006 P2 RSS (Characterising Strong Gravitational Lensing systems)
2017-1-SCI-049 P3 HRS (Searching for new symbiotic stars)
2016-2-LSP-001 P3 RSS (Observing optical counterparts of transient objects)
2017-1-SCI-049 P3 RSS (Searching for new symbiotic stars)
2017-1-MLT-010 P3 HRS (Searching for evolved binary stars with long orbital periods)
2017-1-MLT-005 P4 HRS (Spectroscopic investigations of Cepheids and stars belonging to open clusters and associations)
2017-1-MLT-011 P4 HRS (Studying the spectra of a new type of X-ray binaries)
2017-1-SCI-052 P4 HRS (Measuring the orbits of double white dwarfs.)

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