Saturday, July 1, 2017

Night Log 2017-06-30

SA: Brent
SO: Veronica


A good night with very good seeing towards the end. Data taken for:

2017-1-SCI-011 P1 RSS (Galaxies responsible for ultrastrong MgII absorption.)
2017-1-DDT-003 P1 SCAM (Search for variability of stars near the nebula PL1547.3-5612)
2017-1-SCI-057 P1 HRS (Spectroscopic observations of 5 new massive star candidates for characterisation purposes.)
2017-1-MLT-002 P2 RSS (Observations of supernovae, near and far.)
2017-1-SCI-054 P2 RSS (x2) (A kinematic study of extraplanar gas in spiral galaxies with a range of SFRs)
2017-1-SCI-053 P2 RSS (Study of unclassified extragalactic NuSTAR serendipitous sources)
2017-1-SCI-055 P2 RSS (Identifying galaxies in massive clusters in the early Universe)
2017-1-SCI-058 P2 HRS (Studying the composition of Binary stars to estimate their ages)
2017-1-MLT-010 P3 HRS (x2) (Searching for evolved binary stars with long orbital periods)
2015-2-MLT-006 P3 RSS (Characterising Strong Gravitational Lensing systems)
2017-1-SCI-043 P3 HRS (x2) (verifying the Planetary Nebula Luminosity Function)
2017-1-SCI-044 P4 RSS (Looking at chromospheric emission in stars which host exoplanets)

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