Friday, May 5, 2017

Night Log 2017-05-04

SA: Encarni
SO: Fred
Others: Christian.


A mostly clear with decent seeing night, with some patches of cloud to add some thrill and spice to what would otherwise be way too easy. So we made the most of it and observed... wait for it...23 blocks! Yep, we are good. ;)

And the lucky winners are:

2016-2-LSP-001 P0 RSS (Observing optical counterparts of transient objects)
2017-1-MLT-013 P1 HRS (Asteroseismology of close binary stars with mass transfer.)
2017-1-MLT-001 P2 HRS (Study of long-period eclipsing binaries)
2017-1-MLT-010 P2 HRS (x2) (Searching for evolved binary stars with long orbital periods)
2017-1-SCI-058 P2 HRS (x8) (Studying the composition of Binary stars to estimate their ages)
2017-1-MLT-008 P2 RSS (Using Halpha emission to measure chromospheric variability on the coolest stars. )
2017-1-SCI-040 P2 RSS (x2) (Probing the winds from massive binary star supernova progenitors)
2017-1-SCI-008 P2 HRS (Investigation of variability of absorption lines due to ISM towards vela SNR. )
2017-1-SCI-029 P2 RSS (Line profile variations in PKS 1020-103)
2017-1-SCI-010 P3 HRS (x2) (Spectroscopic investigation of selected southern lambda Boo - type stars)
2017-1-MLT-012 P3 HRS (x3) (Detailled study of CEMP stars identified in the RAVE survey)

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