Friday, February 3, 2017

Night Log 2017-02-02

SA: Marissa
SO: Fred
Others: Enrico


Horrible seeing tonight! Bad for science, but good for anyone that likes it when the stars twinkle. Fortunately there are some proposals for such conditions. Had to close around 1am due to humidity.

Data taken for:
2016-2-SCI-034 P3 HRS (Searching for evolved binary stars with long orbital periods)
2016-1-MLT-003 P4 RSS (x5) (Spectroscopic observations of bright RR Lyrae variables)
2016-2-SCI-047 P4 RSS (Monitoring the line emission in Southern Galactic Be/X-ray binaries)
2016-2-SCI-046 P4 RSS (Monitoring the X-ray bright sgB[e] stars in Magellanic Clouds cc. @astro_Liz)

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