Monday, January 30, 2017

Night Log 2017-01-29

SA: �ric
SO: Veronica


A productive night, despite some heavy clouds coming in the middle of the night. But they left as quickly as they came, so we could get data for:
2016-2-SCI-043 P0 RSS (SALT spectroscopic follow-up of type Ia supernovae for investigations of the nature of dark energy)
2016-2-SCI-037 P0 HRS (Confirmation of exoplanet candidates)
2016-2-SCI-028 P1 RSS (x2) (Linear spectropolarimetry of fluorescence in NGC2023 - a new magnetic diagnostic)
2016-2-SCI-029 P1 RSS (x2) (A kinematic study of extraplanar diffuse ionized gas in the galaxy NGC 5775)
2016-2-SCI-003 P2 HRS (Evolved binaries in the Magellanic Clouds)
2016-2-SCI-047 P4 RSS (x2) (Monitoring the line emission in Southern Galactic Be/X-ray binaries)
2016-2-SCI-056 P4 HRS (x2) (The search for Black Holes in binaries that will eventually merge.)

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