Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Night Log 2016-11-29

SA: Marissa
SO: Fred
Others: Alexei for handover. Ivan Katkov. Enrico. Petri & the Chinese delegation.


Much excitement with the Chinese delegation visiting tonight. A clear night with variable seeing resulted in us taking data for:
2016-2-COM-001 P1 RSS (Polarimetry test proposal)
2016-1-MLT-008 P1 RSS (Redshift measurements of distant massive ACT galaxy clusters)
2016-2-SCI-024 P1 SCAM (Dark energy and the expansion rate of the Universe from quasar monitoring.)
2016-2-LSP-001 P2 RSS (Observing optical counterparts of transient objects)
2016-1-MLT-006 P2 HRS (Orbital period search of possible binary system)
2016-1-MLT-002 P3 HRS (Analysis of metallicity gradient and local chemical composition heterogeneity in the Galactic disk)

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